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Cataract Co-Management

At Foley Vision Center in Eugene, Oregon, we provide Cataract Co-Management services to patients with cataracts.

What is Cataract Co-Management?

At Foley Vision Center in Eugene, Oregon, we provide Cataract Co-Management services to patients with cataracts. As primary eye care providers, we are often the first to diagnose and notify our patients of cataracts. Leading the co-management effort for our patients is an essential part of our practice. We try our best to establish enduring relationships with our clients by getting a deep understanding of their medical histories.

Patients look to us for guidance from the moment we inform them of the presence of a cataract to the final treatment follow-up.

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What is Included in Cataract Co-Management Services?

Some patients may show signs of developing cataracts, but are not yet candidates for surgery. The initial treatment for symptomatic cataracts may include updating your prescription (eyeglasses, contacts, or both). You may also benefit from wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with specific tints or filters to increase ultraviolet (UV) protection. Green, gray, or pink filters can further decrease the amount of light that enters the eye, improving light scatter. We can also provide you with other special lenses to help with contrast and decrease glare.

Additionally, we can offer advice on light control by suggesting the best lighting sources for reading. Tools needed to improve your visual ability can also be provided.

How Long Does Co-Management Last?

We usually monitor patients for 4-12 month intervals to determine whether further vision or function loss. Vision loss or functional limitations may require updated refraction. In some cases, they may also indicate a need for cataract surgery. At Foley Vision Center, the focus is all about you. We want you to be aware of the prognosis of your condition. This is why we do our best to educate our patients on the natural course of cataract formation, including its signs and symptoms.

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