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Eye Games

Teal lines

Which Field of Teal is Darker?
Answer: They are exactly the same.

Eye game shapes

Which White Square is the brightest?
Answer: They are identical.

two connected squares of different shades

Which Teal Dot is the Darkest?
Answer: They are exactly the same.

a grid

Stare at the Grid and what do you see?
Answer: Spots appear and disappear before your eyes.

Fingers pointing at each other

-Pick a specific object in the distance. Aim your eyes at that target.

-While looking at that distant target, bring your index fingers, tips touching, up in front of your eyes and into your line of sight.

-While still aiming your eyes at the distant target, calmly notice that a mini-frank has appeared between the tips of your fingers. Continue to aim your eyes into the distance at your target.

-Pull the tips of your fingers apart slightly and observe the frankfurter floating in the air.

-Wiggle your fingers and watch the mini-frank dance.

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